Coughing billboards

To help Swedish citizens make good on their New Year’s resolution to quit smoking, local pharmacy Apotek Hjartat has placed a special billboard in a busy Stockholm square. The billboard features a still silhouette of a man, who starts coughing loudly when cigarette smoke is detected nearby. As the man coughs, the board offers products/solutions to quit smoking.

Full article from SpringWise

Ride-calling chip bags

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Tostios is releasing a limited “Party Safe” bag. The bag is equipped with a sensor calibrated to detect small traces of alcohol on a person’s breath and uses built-in LEDs that turn red and provide a “don’t drink and drive” message if alcohol is detected. A $10 Uber code also appears and NFC technology allows users to tap their phone for a free ride if they have trouble dialing.

Full article from Adweek

A live spot during the big game

In a Super Bowl first designed to take advantage of the 100+ million people watching on TV, Snickers plans to air a live commercial in the third quarter featuring Star Wars actor Adam Driver. While the concept itself has not been released, teaser ads show horses “auditioning” with a cardboard cutout of Adam. Snickers also plans to air a 36 hour livestream from the commercial set leading up to the big reveal.

Full article from Advertising Age