Fashion retailer H&M and Google are teaming up to take advantage of Googles’ new Awareness API. The project called Coded Culture will use an app to track users’ location, activities, weather patterns, event types (causal or formal), what they eat and a host of other factors. The data will then be used to create a custom-made dress that is only orderable through the app. The project is born out of the insight that 37% of 18-34 year olds think it’s smart for brands to use data to customize experiences.

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Robotic Supermarket

Amazon is in the early stages of reimaging the grocery shopping experience with a two-story, robot run store that could be staffed by as few as 3 employees during store hours. The bottom floor would be stocked with items shoppers typically like to touch (fresh foods, beer, etc.) while the top floor would be stocked with packaged goods that robots would collect, package and send down for pick-up. This prototype could see operating margins near 20% versus the current 1.7% for most grocers.

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Grand Mac Machine

A few weeks back, the Big Mac ATM made its debut in Boston’s Kenmore Square at lunchtime, dispensing three free varieties of their classic burger (the junior, original and the all-new Grand Mac). A long line of high school and college age kids formed, which is good news for the brand as only 20% of Millennials have ever tried a Big Mac. A solid case of if you can’t get them into your store, bring your store to them.

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