Social Building Blocks

With children becoming more mobile savvy at an increasingly younger age, Lego saw an opportunity to create a new social network. The recently launched Lego Life lets those 13 and under share photos of their Lego creations, watch animated videos and participate in building challenges. The app has anti-harassment tools built in: When users sign up, they will pick a name (no real-life names allowed) and build an avatar using in-app Lego pieces. Only Lego emojis can be used to comment. Kids will be able to follow other users and search for their favorite content such as Star Wars or Avengers.

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Taco-Themed Nuptials

Millennials are all about breaking the norm and creating their own unique experiences. In Las Vegas, Taco Bell is capitalizing on this trend by offering a $600 wedding package at their flagship cantina location. The space is already open 24/7; plus, it offers an eight-flavor freeze wall with alcohol add-ons and a dedicated space for DJs. In addition to the wedding space and ceremony, the lucky couples will receive “just married” t-shirts, a 12-pack of tacos, a Cinnabon wedding cake, a Taco Bell garter and bow tie, a sauce packet wedding bouquet, and Taco Bell champagne flutes among other things. The first weddings will be this summer.

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VR Living Rooms

Can’t make it to your friend’s house to binge-watch your favorite show? No worries, Hulu has a solve for that. A recent update to their VR app now lets subscribers use their Oculus Avatars to join friends in Oculus Rooms for watching their chosen Hulu content. While it will make passing the popcorn more challenging, it’s an interesting integration of technology into their platform as streaming companies work to bring more engaging experiences to their users.

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