Dayparted Posters

Visit Scotland has created a unique poster campaign near Penn Station in NYC that promotes nonstop daily flights to Edinburgh. The campaign is designed to reach potential travelers in the right mind-set at the right time. Depending on time of day, weather conditions, etc., poster images change to an appropriate message. For example, morning commuters see imagery reminding them that Friday is a payday while lunchtime commuters see images of local cuisine. Sundown commuters see such picturesque views of the Highland’s Northern Lights and Edinburgh Castle illuminated. There are 32 unique images to be seen.

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Virtual Reality Retail

Looking to boost mall traffic and potentially create new shopping experiences, Steven Spielberg is backing a new virtual reality (VR) storefront in a Los Angeles mall. The 10-minute experience will cost $15 and will allow up to six people at a time to interact in a single VR environment using 16 cameras and sensors on their hands and feet. Not only was the experience developed to draw people to the mall, bu
t it was also designed to grow familiarity with and adoption of VR as a form of entertainment.

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Mutant Lounge

To promote its new TV show Legion (about a young man who discovers he’s more than human), Marvel Comics created a one-night pop-up cocktail bar in London called the Mutant Lounge. The lounge was staffed by people who, while seemingly normal, gradually revealed supernatural abilities as the evening progressed.

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