Showroom Hotel

The idea of a “livable showroom” has been gaining traction lately, with several retailers trying their hand. California bedding company Parachute is upping the game by giving shoppers a chance to book a night in their luxury one-bedroom hotel. All linens, towels and bathrobes are available in the showroom below the room and will change seasonally. The hotel furniture is sourced from local designers and is available for purchase as well. At $600 per night, it’s a pretty steep price to pay for a try-before-you-buy experience, but it does help Parachute create a shoppable experience that sets them apart from the competition.

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Visual Recognition

Now you can Shazam your spices. The music discovery mobile app has branched out over the years to let users Shazam their logo on TV commercials, bus kiosks and various other signage for additional brand content. McCormick & Co. is one of the first CPG companies to leverage Shazam’s visual recognition technology in grocery stores. Tapping into the Millennial trends of DIY, sharing and life hacks, McCormick and Shazam will let grocery shoppers retrieve recipe hacks for McCormick’s seasoning packets by scanning McCormick’s packaging and POS (such as shelf clings and aisle violators), as well as stickers on pork and chicken packaging. Who knew a music app could help food taste so good?

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Athletic Recovery Sleepwear

Twenty years ago, Under Armour turned the athletic wear industry on its head – and it might be about to do the same thing to the sleepwear industry with the introduction of Athlete Recovery Sleepwear. The sleepwear is designed with special bioceramic technology woven into a pattern that lines the garments. The bioceramic particles supposedly absorb infrared wavelengths emitted by the body and reflect back beneficial far-infrared, helping the body recover faster while promoting a better night's sleep. It will be interesting to see if people are willing to shell out big bucks ($100 per set) for athletic wear they sleep in.

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