Snap Campaign

This month, Stacy’s Pita Chips, the product of a woman entrepreneur, is celebrating the contributions of women to society. The company has created unique bags that come with a Snapchat code on them; consumers can use the code to view online materials about women’s rights. With this campaign, Stacy’s sends positive messages to women while also promoting the brand and tapping in to the connection between our digital and physical worlds.

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City-wide IoT

By fall of 2018, thousands of “smart” streetlights will be rolled out across San Diego, connecting to a citywide network and allowing officials to adjust brightness as well as detect outages from afar. However, in addition to shedding light, these streetlights will be pulling in data about what’s going on around them. Equipped with cameras, microphones and other sensors, they will monitor things like traffic and pollution levels.

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Performance wear

Nike will become the first major brand to launch a hijab collection. Muslim athletes helped to develop the line that features a single-layer Nike Pro mesh fabric that has tiny holes in it for breathability and is stretchy so that it can adapt to the wearer’s head and any headgear the uniform requires. Also, the length has been designed to keep it from coming untucked during activity.

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