Pizza-ordering sneakers

Just in time for its first March Madness sponsorship, Pizza Hut has introduced 64 limited-edition pairs of “Pie-Top” sneakers, each capable of ordering a pizza with the push of a button. Most will be used for promotional purposes, but some will be held back for distribution to lucky fans closer to the Final Four. The shoes will use Bluetooth and geolocation technology to know where to deliver pizza to future users.

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A ride-boosting content app

Uber has designs on turning its app into a “content marketplace” that features a feed of information and entertainment to keep customers occupied during the ride. When users enter an Uber, the app will turn “into a rich feed of cards,” allowing users to get recommendations on their destination and even contact the destination directly, among other things. Content from dozens of third-party partners will be offered, with the idea of creating continued engagement with the app during the ride versus switching to non-Uber apps/content once the Uber appears.

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A denim smart jacket

For a while, Google has been working on a touch-sensitive fabric that can turn a standard piece of clothing into a connected device. They’ve now partnered with Levi’s and this fall will introduce the Commuter Trucker Jacket, a connected denim smart jacket. Users will be able to double-tap Bluetooth-based fabric near the jacket wrist which will send instructions to their smartphone, such as pause music, get directions or take a call.

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