Most brands would be more than a little hesitant about removing an iconic part of their packaging, but that’s just what Honey Nut Cheerios has done by removing their mascot BuzzBee from all U.S. and Canadian packaging. BuzzBee’s outline is still on the packaging but filled by white space to bring greater awareness to the rapidly decreasing number of honeybees and their habitat. Consumers are encouraged to visit a website and order a package of free seeds. The brand hopes that the effort will help with the planting of more than 100 million wildflowers this year.

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Coca-Cola has been a sponsor of March Madness for 15 years and is using this year to expand their Share-a-Coke campaign with customized Coke bottles sporting team logos, nicknames and battle cries for more than 50 colleges and universities. Fans will be able to order single and six-pack versions, available only online, through April 14. If your team is not represented, you can still order bottles customized with March Madness, The Big Dance, Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight and Final Four logos. Of course, fans are encouraged to share their bottles on a variety of social media platforms.

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Over the last couple of years, Domino’s has integrated pizza ordering into just about every corner of their consumers’ lives. Now, in Australia and New Zealand, the brand is coming full circle with voice-ordering on a mobile device—but not the kind where customers dial a number and speak to someone. This new approach will feature an in-app artificial intelligence (AI) virtual assistant. The AI will engage customers with human-like interaction via text or speech recognition (it will also feature a Domino’s “personality”). In addition to taking orders, it will be able to converse with the customer about menus, ingredients, store locations and operating hours.

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