Designed for Dogs

Taking into consideration that 35% of Millennials are pet owners and 30% of all new car sales in the U.S. last year went to Millennials, Nissan has developed the X-Trail 4Dog concept SUV. The vehicle comes complete with doggy shower, dryer nozzle and boarding ramp. Pets will ride in style with a quilted cargo area and pull-out grooming drawers. With a built-in treat dispenser and spill-proof water bowl, pets won’t go hungry or thirsty on those trips to the doggy park. There’s even a 10-inch screen allowing Fido to see what his humans in the front seat at doing.

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Tastiest Website

Hershey’s Brazil recently created an edible website called #Eaternet. All sorts of everyday objects were molded into solid chocolate creations and placed on the landing page. Fans were encouraged to buy a Hershey’s bar at retail and use on-pack codes for chances to win the objects, which changed each day. During the event, over two tons of chocolate was molded and delivered; retail sales increased by 20%.

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Concept Restaurant Expands

Eatsa, serving freshly made quinoa bowls, is a new breed of fast food restaurant where customers never see or interact with the staff, ordering and paying via iPad, then receiving their fresh food in a glass cubie illuminated with their name. The smart ordering system remembers customers, displaying past orders and suggestions for new options on ensuing visits. The brand was recognized as a cutting-edge concept in 2016 and is poised to influence the industry in a big way.

Full article from New York Business Journal