Social Showcase

As with most restaurants, Taco Bell has a busy test kitchen creating the next great item to keep customers coming in. Part of that creation process now includes how the item will look when users post pictures to their Instagram accounts. Taco Bell sees their brand as a social experience. Of course they’ll make food that tastes good, but they also want Taco Bell dining experiences to be a part of their customers’ lives — what they talk about, blog about and share pictures of.

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Sustainable Shopping

Stockholm has a mall unlike any other, where every retailer is required to sell only refurbished and repurposed items. The goal is to educate shoppers about the potential value their old items hold for repurposing. Retailers offer clothing, furniture and electronics among other items, and all are required to adhere to a philosophy of minimal waste and environmental awareness.

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Data-Rich Mobile

By year’s end, McDonald’s will have digital ordering and payment functionality available at all domestic restaurants, becoming the first major fast food chain to do so. Following successful implementation of ordering and payment in overseas markets, U.S. app ordering/payment is expected to increase visit frequency and up order totals by 35%. Using data collected from the app, the brand plans to customize offers, coupons and add-on ordering suggestions for users.

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