Sneaky Unbranded Ads

Capitalizing on the fact that teens and twentysomethings get their information from their phones and are very influenced by word-of-mouth, McDonald’s has launched a new unbranded ad campaign that never mentions the brand or one of their famous products. Instead, the YouTube ads feature well-known actress Mindy Kaling sporting a yellow dress against a red background. She simply asks viewers to do a Google search for “that place where Coke tastes so good.” Naturally, McDonald’s is at the top of the search results.

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Upcycled Beer Bars

Food waste in manufacturing has emerged as a growing issue for Millennials, and many companies are working to find ways to combat the wastefulness of the modern food system. Startup ReGrained is upcycling grains used in the beer-making process to make granola bars. With a six-pack of beer requiring nearly a pound of grains, there’s a lot of used grain. ReGrained is working with craft brewers to collect the high-in-protein, low-in-sugar spent grains and turn them into bars with flavors like honey cinnamon IPA and coffee chocolate stout.

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Virtual Reality in the Hotel Industry

Expedia plans to introduce virtual reality into its hotel room booking process, allowing users to get a much better understanding of room dimensions, accommodations, and even balcony views before booking. VR is part of a $1 billion investment Expedia is making to upgrade their technology and will eventually include bookings through chat bots and the Amazon Echo platform.

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