Cassette player chip bags

Doritos has partnered with Marvel to introduce a Doritos chip bag with built in cassette player replica, that will play the entire Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 soundtrack. Each bag was designed to include an MP3 player and includes a USB charging cable, retro headphones and of course a standard helping of Nacho Cheese flavored chips. Limited numbers of the package were released through Amazon and quickly sold out. Star-Lord would approve.

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Now that Domino’s Pizza has integrated ordering into every possible piece of technology you own, they’re working to make sure their delivery people can get your pie to you as conveniently as possible. They’ve partnered with smart platform IFTTT (If this, then that), to allow customers to create customized, conditional interactions between apps, online services, digital assistants, wearables and other connected devices. Dominos has connected their existing online order tracker with IFTTT which will allow customers to program a variety of functions through their smart home devices such as, turn on their front porch light or turn off their front sprinkler as the delivery driver approaches.

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autonomous-following suitcases

Flying may not be as friendly as it once was, but lugging your suitcase through airport after airport just got a whole lot easier. COWAROBOT has introduced a futuristic suitcase they’ve dubbed the “robotic travel buddy.” This hands-free, wheeled suitcase follows its owner around via a GPS-enabled bracelet, which doubles as a locking device. The suitcase is powered by the latest precision maneuvering and obstacle avoidance technology and can also be left a short distance away and then summoned. It’s removable power unit does double duty as a portable charging station for mobile devices. No word yet on if it can right itself when knocked over.

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