Romance Novels

Just in time for Mother’s Day, KFC is a releasing a free 92-page digital novella, Tender Wings of Desire. The brand is suggesting that families give Mom a $20 fill-up bucket of chicken and the novella so she can take a break from cooking and enjoy some reading downtime. The novella is set in Victorian England and features Harland Sanders, aka The Colonel. Via a Facebook promotion, 100 lucky fans will win a hardcover version of the book.

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Enabled Mirrors

Smart mirrors have been used with retail in dressing rooms and at makeup counters for a while. Now voice recognition is being added to intelligent augmented reality to create a new artificial intelligence mirror that can react to voice commands (e.g., “Try the red lipstick”) without physical interaction with the mirror. Surely we’re not too far away from a mirror that talks back, making recommendations such as “You look good in those jeans; this sweater and boots would really complete the outfit.” With the right voice inflection, who could say no to that?

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Vibration Ads

Haptic technology, which has been used in gaming for decades, is now making its way into mobile advertising. In gaming, the technology emits vibrations to allow users to feel more involved in the game (e.g., the sensation of running or something exploding nearby). Stolichnaya Vodka, BMW, Royal Caribbean and Arby’s are just some of the brands starting to use this technology in their mobile marketing. Stolichnaya allows video watchers to feel a drink being made in a glass they’re holding, while Arby’s has created the feel of a golfer walking and pitching on a green. A recent study found that adding haptics to advertising boosted the happiness (7%) and excitement (8%) levels of users.

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