Storm vs. McQueen

In a first-of-its-kind promotion, the Waze navigation app has partnered with Pixar Animation Studios to promote the upcoming Cars 3 movie. Waze users will be able to change their on-screen avatar and navigation voice to that of one of the movie’s stars (Lightning McQueen or Jackson Storm). In-app prompts will also begin appearing to promote the June 16 movie release date. It’s a smart pairing of an app that helps drivers get to where they are going with a movie about cars finding their way in the world.

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BeatQuiz game

In Sweden, McDonald’s is experimenting with ways to more deeply engage its app users (beyond sending coupons). They’ve recently introduced BeatQuiz, an augmented reality quiz game that automatically generates multiple-choice questions based on the music playing in restaurants and allows users to play solo or against their friends for fame and glory on a daily leaderboard. The game is designed to increase app interaction and retention rates, and maybe sell a few extra items as guests linger to play.

Full article from QSR Magazine

Shoppable Films

Looking to close the circle between content and sales, Diageo and Amazon have partnered to create a series of 20-minute-long shoppable films in the UK and Germany. Each film explores bar culture from a bartender’s-eye view for one of five global cities (Barcelona, Mexico City, San Francisco, Sydney and Taipei). While showcasing this unique bartender perspective for each city, the films promote Diageo’s Reserve portfolio of premium brands and include embedded links to Diageo’s e-commerce sites. Additionally, each bartender creates a unique cocktail that captures the essence of their city.

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