Red Nose Day Vending

In support of Red Nose Day, M&M’s created a special vending machine that was “powered by fun and laughter.” Users interacted with the humor-activated machine by making a silly face, performing a simple dance or telling a funny joke. In return, the machine dispensed coupons for M&M’s and also helped raise donations and awareness leading up to Red Nose Day.

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Associate Delivery

In the ongoing Amazon versus brick-and-mortar retailers’ war, Walmart may have found a way to provide friendlier, faster home delivery than Amazon ever can. Walmart is testing home delivery using its own associates to make deliveries on their way home from work. Participation is voluntary, and proprietary software will allow associates to determine how many packages they can deliver, as well as size/weight limits and days they are available to make deliveries. Walmart says, “Packages will get to their destinations faster and more efficiently while shipping costs will be cut and associates will pick up additional pay.”

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Wandering Wonder Vault

OREO is in the middle of their #MyOREOCreation crowdsourced event which will eventually produce three new flavors for fans to choose from. In the meantime, for some lucky fans who submitted entries to the contest, they’ve resurrected the mysterious OREO Wonder Vault that appeared briefly in NYC last year dispensing creamy goodness to those brave enough to open its custom sample packages of fan-designed flavors. The robot will roll up to their front door and extend a tray with the sample when the vault door is opened.

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