Store of the Future

A Shanghai company is experimenting with the grocery store of the future — one that will have no staff and no registers, and will be totally mobile. The concept store is called Moby, and shoppers will use an app to open the front door. A hologram AI will greet shoppers as they enter the store, where they will purchase items by placing them in smart baskets that scan each item as it is loaded. Registered credit cards will automatically be charged as shoppers leave the store. The store will stock daily items as well as fresh food. Additional items can be ordered through the AI and will be waiting for pickup on the next visit. The store will act as an autonomous vehicle, driving itself from destination to destination — potentially directly to shoppers’ homes as an ultimate form of delivery. Moby is also designed to self-restock at specially designed warehouses near its route.

Full article from Fast Company

Gym on Wheels

Speaking of smart carts, the Lipton Green Tea brand has designed a shopping cart that doubles as a fitness tracker and is currently being tested in Dubai. The carts feature a handle readout that tracks the amount of time walking in-store and the number of calories burned. Lipton’s goal is to help shoppers be more aware and mindful of their purchasing decisions while grocery shopping. The brand plans to mass produce the carts for greater distribution next year.

Full article from Ad Week

Autobots Unite

With Autobots and Decepticons hitting the big screen in Transformers: The Last Knight this summer, drivers in eight U.S. cities will see some unique billboards on their daily commutes. These digital boards will identify oncoming cars and deliver personalized messages to the drivers about which side of the intergalactic war their car is on. The effort uses cameras mounted 1,000 feet ahead of the boards, which scan vehicle grills to determine make and model, allowing the board to deliver a message such as “Warning! Your Nissan Altima is a Decepticon.” The technology accounts for traffic conditions to calculate the precise moment and length of time to display the message.

Full article from Billboard Insider