Elise Portrait

  1. After a day at Shoptology, I am generally found binge watching tv shows, sci-fi is my favorite, and currently I’m rewatching Doctor Who and watching new episodes every Saturday (8pm central time on BBC America). When not indulging in my latest TV obsession, I’m talking with friends and family on skype, and eating Ben and Jerry’s (Phish Food is the best and I won’t be convinced otherwise)!
  2. I honestly hadn’t really heard of shopper marketing until I stumbled across Shoptology on LinkedIn. I loved that Shoptology was creating new and different ways of connecting with people and had a very user centered approach.
  3. I’m not huge on bucket lists, but 3 thinks I would put on one are: I would like to travel to as many countries as I can and possibly live abroad for a while. Technically I sort of did that last part when I studied abroad in France but I want to go abroad for longer than that. Along with all that I’d really like to learn a second language. And finally, if space travel ever becomes a thing that normal, non-astronaut, non-billionaires, can do then I’m signing up because that would be super cool.


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Strobbe Portrait

  1. After a fun week spent writing and brainstorming at Shoptology, I spend my weekends exploring new (and old) places in Dallas and even Fort Worth! I love going to breweries, heading out to the lake, and dining anywhere that has “tacos” in the name.
  2. I was interested in shopper marketing, because I didn’t fully understand it. I really like learning about new things and I love being challenged. Advertising is an incredible field to work in, and shopper is the leading front in that! So you could say it’s pretty incredible to be here.
  3. If I were a mix of celebrities I would have the style of Gigi Hadid and the graceful beauty of Kendall Jenner. Of course this is all in my perspective, if it were up to my friends it would probably be more of, the crazy of Taylor Swift combined with the awkward personality of Michael Cera. Also probably the height of Ariana Grande.


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Elizabeth Portrait

  1. Outside of my job at Shoptology, you’ll normally find me with my friends. Whether we are grilling out at my apartment, going on an afternoon hike or just binge watching a Netflix show, my summer free time is centered around friends and creating memories. When I need my introvert time, you can see me at a local coffee shop, on a walk or run, or out taking photographs.
  2. I was interested in shopper marketing because it is such a fresh and rising field in the business world. One of my favorite parts of this job so far has been exploring the consumer behavior of what drives customers to their purchase choices and how we can influence that. The amount of collaboration in this field is incredible to witness and unique to be a part of. I am ready to be challenged, pushed and learn a lot this summer..
  3. According to Buzzfeed quizzes I’m an “intelligent introvert”, Jim from The Office, the “smirk” emoji, and team Jess (Gilmore Girls).


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Daniel Portrait

  1. In my free time, I love to be outside, do street and portrait photography, and watch movies! I also enjoy learning new creative processes and mediums.
  2. I’ve always been kind of a people-watcher, so I enjoy being able to peel back the veil of shopping and get into what the customer is thinking and feeling in shopper marketing. I like learning about what makes people tick.
  3. My favorite Cheesy Joke: Did you know you can’t run through a campsite? You can only ran because it’s past tents…


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Zach Portrait

  1. Away from Shoptology, I really enjoy just being active or binge watching an outdated TV show!
  2. Shopper marketing was a mystery to me until I started at Shoptology. I feel like I had some idea of what it could be, but these first few weeks have really opened my eyes to a completely new environment while gaining some great experience from leaders in the industry.
  3. My favorite film of all time has to be Airplane! You might be thinking, surely you can’t be serious. Well, I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.


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