TV with a Side of Celebrity

LG Electronics has launched “Serious Watchers,” a social campaign that taps into the growing TV binge-watching trend. They’ve partnered with Netflix to help bring actual characters from Netflix’s original programming into viewers’ homes. For the first fan interaction, a gentleman who’s expecting the home delivery of a new LG TV is surprised when his TV arrives accompanied by a character from the hit show Orange Is the New Black. She stays in her prison character persona during the interaction and then is “escorted back to jail” after watching a few minutes of the show with the lucky fan on his new TV. Video of all fan interactions will be captured to further drive interest and excitement, and maybe a few TV sales.

Full article from Media Post

Nationwide Movie Night

Several weeks ago, Domino’s celebrated the 31st anniversary release of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off by livestreaming the movie free on its Facebook page. Viewers were offered instant discounts for ordering, and the more friends they invited to watch the movie, the bigger the discount became for all of them. The screening appears to be part of a longer-term effort that Domino’s is calling their Inaugural National Movie Night. We’re pretty sure that Abe Froman, the Sausage King of Chicago, would approve.

Full article from Ad Week

Supercyclers to the Rescue!

In Australia, the Supercyclers Design Collective has created the Marine Debris Bakelite Collection. The collection is designed to raise awareness of the massive volume of plastics in the ocean and on the beach by creating high-end pieces of functional but aesthetically pleasing kitchen objects. All pieces are made from 100% recycled plastic that has been collected on Australian beaches. While some of the pieces were made available to the public via a crowdfunding platform, many will end up in galleries to further drive awareness of this growing issue.

Full article from Spring Wise