Products of Tomorrow

The Nature Conservancy of Brazil is working to raise awareness of increasing climate change dangers with their new online store, The Products of Tomorrow. The store offers fictional products that consumers would need in a world where climate change is in full effect. Shoppers can order low-acid rainwater (harvested from rain as all other water sources are gone), SPF 350 sunscreen and synthetic apples (made with 3% real fruit). All products are available for pre-order with estimated delivery dates ranging from 2037 to 2080, depending on the climate danger symptom.

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Oreo Wonder Vault Delivered

Oreo is taking their Wonder Vault concept one step further with #MyOreoCreation, which invites fans to send in flavor suggestions. Oreo determines which ones are most intriguing and produces a one-person run of the new flavor, delivering it to the flavor suggester in a specially marked box. Of course there’s lots of social sharing and likely a few additional requests for certain flavors. We’re eagerly waiting to see if they accept our jalapeño sausage and brisket flavor suggestions.

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Virtual Reality Game or Gym?

With the goal to make working out more fun, a German fitness equipment maker has introduced the Icarus, a new workout machine that provides a core body workout and elevates the experience with VR. While working out on the machine, users can simulate any number of different experiences such as deep sea diving, motorbike racing and flying. To date, the machines are in approximately 200 gyms across Europe and Asia with a home version coming soon. If they can create an experience that replicates sitting in a bar, sign us up.

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