Millennials always seem to be searching for a thrill, for adventure. And advertisers have been noticing. Instagram is in the lead for showing off adventure where millennials are posting pictures of their wanderlust lives. Everyone wants the perfect photo, whether it’s standing thousands of feet above the air or just a scenic view, the right image can encourage anyone to hit the Follow button.

Rather than an advertisement appearing on your Instagram feed, it’s subtle. Of course, showing a celebrity using the product is one way to promote. However, a blogger, an everyday person, using the product is even more effective. They may still be getting paid to promote the product but they’re just like us. Well, we can pretend.

Advertisers are tapping into this market with their best tactics turning to Instagram. Advertisers, ranging from hotels to clothing to Campbell’s, are reaching out to bloggers known for their fashion, travels, and food, and are funding their adventurous lives with in-post promotions. The simple tag of the product in wanderlust pictures can help reach their Instagram followers. (Although Instagram does require “#ad” in the caption)

They aren’t just tagging their product in blogger’s pictures, they’re coming up with new ways to sell their concepts, with giveaways through their favorite blogger. By telling followers to connect with them through following, commenting, and liking a post, they are not only interacting with the blogger but the brand as well.

These aren’t just high-end brands taking advantage. Even retailers such as Target are taking advantage of these new advertising tactics by advertising their retailer clothing as being just as high fashioned as a priced name brand. It’s a great way to reach out to an adventurous millennial or even the millennial on a budget.

Shopper marketing has been making a social media push overall, especially when targeting millennial shoppers. When marketing to adventurous shoppers, Instagram is the way to go. With millions of pictures posted and thousands of bloggers to choose from, companies can find their perfect fit to subtly promote their products. Whether it’s food bloggers, travel bloggers, or a mommy-bloggers, there is a perfect fit for any company to give their products an adventurous, and still affordable, appearance on Instagram.