Pollution-Cleaning Bike

A Dutch eco-tech innovator has partnered with Chinese bike-sharing company Ofo to create a pollution-cleaning bicycle. The smog-free bicycle inhales polluted air, cleans it, then releases the cleaned air around the cyclist. While still in its early phases, Ofo’s 20 million users could certainly help make pedal-powered pollution-cleaning a reality down the road.

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Robotic Grocery Delivery

Shotput — an Oakland-based, low-cost grocery delivery service — is gearing up to experiment with robotic delivery that will keep grocery costs 30% lower than brick-and-mortar competitors. Shoppers will use an app to place their order and then select a predetermined pickup location (office parks, train stations and parking lots) where they can collect their groceries from a secure, unmanned station.

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Color-Changing Treats

Any parent who has ever taken their child to a Disney park knows that the House of Mouse is masterful at creating toys/souvenirs that are nearly impossible to resist. Now Disney is offering snacks that follow the same trend. The new “fairy floss” cotton candy comes on a light-up stick, which makes the entire cotton candy glow red, blue or purple and corresponds to the park’s fireworks show. They’re also serving lavender lemonade with a color-changing glow cube. We’ll bet not too many parents can say no to these treats.

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