United Taxi Race

Most NYC travelers believe it’s always faster to get to JKF than Newark when flying. United Airlines, who only flies out of Newark, wants to burst that myth and has partnered with 125 NYC taxis to display up-to-the-minute travel times to both airports. Digital screens on top of the taxis are constantly updated based on taxi location and traffic to each airport. When travel times to Newark are shorter, an additional reminder to fly United appears on the screen.

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KFC Out-of-This-World Merch

For kitsch-loving Millennials who can’t get enough of KFC’s ever-evolving Colonel Sanders character, KFC has opened a limited-time online shop that sells all manner of chicken and Colonel-inspired items. Socks, t-shirts, necklaces, pillowcases, wall art and even a one-of-a-kind $20,000 chicken sandwich-shaped meteorite (which the chain says is a 100% real meteorite) are available until they’re sold out.

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Samsung Acne Solutions

Samsung’s Creative Lab program has introduced Lumini, an app-linkable portable device designed to find skin problems. Users can take a picture of their face or other areas of concern. The device then uses a custom algorithm to analyze the picture and sends a recommendation to the accompanying app. Lumini can identify issues under the surface of the skin, such as pimples, freckles, increased pores, wrinkles, redness and sebum. The app can also recommend cosmetic products and offers remote consulting access to dermatologists and skin-care specialists.

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