Ticket to Cowboys Training Camp

JCPenney recently partnered with the Dallas Cowboys to offer North Texas shoppers a limited edition Cowboys t-shirt. What makes the t-shirt special is that it comes with a VIP pass to one of six Cowboys training camp sessions held in their new Frisco, Texas training facility; these passes are sold out and are in great demand. To buy the t-shirt, shoppers must be members of the JCPenney Rewards program; they can enroll in the program at checkout. While small in scale, it’s a nice move to draw shoppers in and get them registered into the revamped rewards program.

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AI & Coke

Coca-Cola is getting ready to unveil its next-generation vending machines equipped with AI. These new machines will work with an accompanying app, allowing shoppers to purchase a drink for themselves or a friend and have the beverage waiting at a nearby machine. The machines will also have distinct personalities based on their location (i.e. one on a college campus might be playful, while another located in a hospital would feel more utilitarian). The machines will soon rollout at select college campuses in the U.S. as well as locations in Australia and New Zealand.

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Islandic In-Flight Theatre

Recent research from IcelandAir found that 52% of their passengers get bored during their flight, and 78% believe the cabin crew can affect their overall flying experience. With this information in hand, IcelandAir has sent a group of flight attendants to acting school to get them ready to perform a three-act play (based on the history of flight) at 39,000 feet. The fully immersive play will premiere on a special flight from London to NYC on Sept 8. If successful, the play may encore on future flights.

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