People are busy. Our days are long. And the weeks, even longer. Maybe this is where the trend of “online shopping” stemmed from. Is this driven by the lazy shopper? The “I have no time for anything” shopper? Maybe it’s a healthy mix of both. With the rise of online shopping, and the decrease of in-store shopping, it’s clear that the next move for shopper marketing was an online push for advertisements and purchases. Fashion retailers were the first step. The second step was the push for everyday retailers, such as Walmart and Target. So now, you could purchase items like toothpaste and shampoo all online to be delivered right at your door.

The next steps were pretty incredible. Now you don’t even need to select your own shopping items. A new site, called StitchFix, is a revolutionary way to shop for clothing items. You don’t walk into a store, and if you want, you only need to go online once. You put in your style (or your #stylegoals) and a stylist selects designs for you, and ships them right to your door to try them on. You can set it up to receive a “Fix” every 2-3 weeks, every month, every other month, or every three months. You never even have to go back online! They charge it straight to your card. Well, of course, only if you choose to keep the clothes. But let’s be honest—if they aren’t going to shop in a store, what makes you think they’re going to drive to the post office to return the package?

Amazon has also upped their game. Now, from the comfort of your own bed, with Netflix on in the background, you can ship groceries to yourself overnight. No more going to the grocery store! Someone else does the shopping for you, so you can just focus on the eating part. The next wave of this, I’m sure, will become an automated shipment of groceries right to your doorstep every other week (or a timeline as requested.)

What does all of this mean for shopper? If people aren’t going to the store or even online as frequently, how will shopper marketing be impacted? Perhaps the most interesting possibility: This IS shopper. Shopper marketing now starts right at your front door. It’s more accessible in ways we can’t even realize. In time, we’ll be getting automatic orders shipped to our door, and computers can tell us when we need to restock. Shopper marketing is going automatic.