Experiential Event Marketing

Have you ever wanted to play in a world championship soccer match for a chance to be Neymar Jr.’s personal guest to an FC Barcelona game? Or play basketball with D-Rose for a chance to win a pair of his basketball shoes? When it comes to marketing, category leaders are beginning to realize that there is more to their brand than the product itself - that the consumers should not only get the best product, but an experience to go with it. With such an array of different products, how does yours stand out? Many companies are taking the experiential marketing approach, and it seems to have some great success!


As the Millennial generation rises to take the place of their parents as consumers, businesses are discovering an important fact- traditional methods of advertisement are not nearly as effective on this group of young adults. Perhaps it is the fact that Millennials are naturally more skeptical, or that they were raised in a world of digital marketing vying for their attention. Regardless, Millennials simply seem to be able to ignore many traditional means of advertising thrown their way. So, how does a business effectively reach out to this new generation? By forming bonds over shared experiences.

Studies show that 72% of Millennials would choose an experience over a material item. Also, 72% of consumers said they positively view brands that provide quality event content experiences and 74% said that those experiences made them more likely to buy the products. In a world of superficial marketing strategies, consumers crave a personalized interactive experience they will remember and that will show them the brand is authentic in their identity rather than simply throwing a product in their face.

So, once a consumer experiences of these campaigns, what is its reach? On average, if a consumer has a good experience with a live experiential campaign, 25 other people will end up hearing about it directly through word-of-mouth, a priceless means of communication, as Millennials are also more likely to listen to the advice of someone they trust than a brand or an “expert” trying to sell them something.

Bud Light’s “Up For Whatever”

Bud Light encouraged its consumers to live free with the expectation that anything could happen with the “Up For Whatever” campaign. They presented themselves as a free-spirited business that ultimately wants to be known as the beer for any occasion. With this campaign, Bud Light brought in new consumers and established a foothold in people’s minds as the go-to if you’re “up for whatever”.

To create this campaign for adventurous beer was no easy feat. Bud Light had to really invest wholeheartedly and hope that it went viral. However, as a well-known American beer, that’s less of a hope and more of a probability. Thanks to the help of celebrity influencers and support of their parent company, Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light was able to fuel this successful campaign. This is just one of the ways to bring the experience to the consumer.

Pantene’s Slow-Motion Hair Flip booth with Selena Gomez

Pantene recently went on the road with Selena Gomez and her “Revival” tour to promote their Hair Flip Station and give people the chance to imitate Selena’s iconic hair flip seen in commercials. This was a unique experience for consumers because it not only allowed them to try the product, but also fulfil their desire to live the life of a celebrity. The slow-motion camera captured each participant in the act of majestically flipping their hair and then allowed them to immediately share out the experience via social media. On the back side of this set up, there was a prep booth that replicated Selena’s dressing room to show people what it’s like to get ready for a show. Fans were given a sample of the product as a final reminder of the different offerings of Pantene.

Experiential Marketing has become a staple in many brands’ strategy, and brings a new light to what the brand represents. They no longer have to rely on traditional ad placement to tell a story, but instead they can bring the story to life with an experience like no other!