Schnuck Market Robots

Looking to keep shelves stocked and not miss a sale opportunity, St. Louis supermarket chain Schnuck Markets is running a small-scale test with in-store robots. The robots will be deployed three times per day to make sure store shelves are properly stocked. As they make their way down each aisle, they’ll scan the shelves to determine restock needs as well as ensure that items are in their proper place and aligned with the correct price label. Each robot will send real-time information to nearby store associates to quickly correct any issues.

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This Week _On_ the Bottle

News Bottle is a new bottled water product in Japan that prints real-time news stories on bottled water labels. The idea was born out of the realization that Japanese Millennials have drastically dropped their consumption of print media yet average buying two bottles of water per day. The initial run of 30,000 bottles sold out quickly. The companies behind the effort are now working on using the bottle stories as a launch pad to get readers engaged with the much richer digital news version.

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Tricking Chicagoans

To mark National Hot Dog Day, ketchup maker Heinz introduced tomato-based Chicago Dog Sauce as a ketchup alternative for Chicagoans, who have a citywide avoidance of ketchup on their hot dogs. Limited-time bottles were offered for sale online, and thousands of samples were handed out on street corners. Reaction to the new product was very favorable. Much to the chagrin of those who tried it, it was revealed to be Heinz Ketchup in new packaging as Heinz made a play to show these finicky eaters that ketchup on a dog isn’t so bad after all.

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