Adidas & Alexander Wang get exclusive

Adidas and fashion designer Alexander Wang have teamed on an exclusive clothing collection that was available as an early product launch release in NYC on a certain date and time, via a poster. Codes for all 27 items were placed on posters around Manhattan, and at 12 p.m. on July 29, shoppers had to text the poster code to engage with a chatbot to buy the items. Shoppers had a little bit of exclusivity with their items before the line released globally at a later date.

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Cargo Catches A Ride

Cargo is a ride-share start-up that helps Lyft and Uber drivers earn extra money by offering premium products (candy, snacks, over-the-counter meds, etc.) to their passengers. Drivers receive a locked case that sits in the middle of their console. When a passenger wants to buy an item, they visit the Cargo mobile app and enter the case’s unique ID number, selecting the item they want and paying for it. Once the item is paid for, the driver receives a notification and unlocks the case. Drivers receive a small cut of each purchase price.

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Disney makes virtual magic

Disney has introduced a mixed-reality bench that lets guests interact with a cartoon character. When sitting on the bench, people are able to “look across at a large display that shows a mirror image of them sitting there.” Cameras measure depth perception so that when the characters appear, they interact with and can sit in proper relation to the people on the bench. Haptic feedback allows guests to feel movement from the characters as they climb on the bench or do other things.

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