Nescafé cuts out the middlemen

Earlier this summer in Toronto, Nescafé opened the limited-time, pop-up Nescafé Coffee Taproom. The space was designed as a hipster coffeehouse, but there were no baristas, lines or even coffee to buy, and the front door was locked. To enter, customers had to purchase a Nescafé Sweet & Creamy coffee packet nearby, then scan the code on the packaging at the front door to gain access. Inside were cups and hot water, allowing users to make their own cup of coffee. The campaign was designed to remind shoppers that they could still get a good cup of coffee, made at home, without having to deal with lines, baristas or expensive drinks.

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Heinz delivers the goods

In Brazil, Heinz has tapped into the Instagram food porn craze by posting pictures of irresistible burgers that people can actually eat. A well-known chef prepares the burgers (along with video clips of the burger preparation sent to the user), and Heinz delivers the burger in an Instagram-personalized box, accompanied by some of the brand’s own products. The campaign, called “Irresistible Posts,” uses geolocation to target local users looking at Instagram Stories around lunchtime.

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KFC goes big for their 30th

With over 5,000 units, KFC is the largest restaurant chain in China. To celebrate their 30th anniversary in China, KFC teamed with Huawei Mobile to introduce a limited-edition KFC-branded smartphone. In addition to a red back with a laser-etched Colonel Sanders logo, each phone will come loaded with 10,000 "K dollars," a digital currency used by KFC in China. The phones will also come with a preinstalled music app that lets users create playlists and play them in the restaurant when visiting their favorite KFC.

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