Toyota puts parents back in the driver’s seat

In Europe, research shows that 74% of parents of young drivers are more concerned with their child getting into an accident than they are with drugs or crime. To help combat this fear, Toyota has introduced the Safe & Sound app for young drivers. Both parent and driver download the app, and when the driver reaches 9 mph, the app blocks all incoming messages, social media, etc. The app also links to both the parent and child’s respective Spotify accounts. If the driver speeds or tries to access his/her phone, the app will start playing music from the parent’s Spotify account, which theoretically should dissuade further speeding or phone-fidgeting while driving.

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AIPIA helps take NFC to the food and beverage aisle

Smart food cartons and beverage bottles may soon be hitting grocery shelves near you thanks to the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA). The AIPIA is using Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to create interactive labels that can provide shoppers with additional information, lower costs, reduce waste and increase profitability for stores. Shoppers with food sensitivities could be alerted to potential allergens, while batch-scanning at checkout will move shoppers more quickly on their way. The technology is in place in-store; CPG brands just need to start testing these labels on their products.

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Coca-Cola and Southwest bring strangers together

While they’re not trying to get into the dating game, some brands are starting to explore how unique experiences can help connect strangers through mutually shared activities. Coca-Cola and Southwest Airlines worked to connect strangers through their Nonstop Music Moments campaign. At several select airports, waiting passengers were invited to answer questions about their musical tastes, then connected to a remote stranger via live audio and video feeds to further discuss their musical commonalities. Participants earned Coca-Cola rewards and sharable pictures of the event.

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