Coca-Cola erects a robotic show-stopper

Coca-Cola has had a sign in Times Square since 1920. With the latest update, the sign is now recognized by Guinness World Records as the world’s first 3-D robotic sign. Measuring roughly 70 feet tall by 42 feet wide, the updated sign contains 1,760 independently moving, high-resolution LED cubes that can be choreographed for whatever is being displayed. The cubes expand and retract toward viewers, creating a multisensory experience. Content changes depending on the time of day.

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Sky Broadcasting Group takes marathoning seriously

In Italy, broadcasting company Sky recently hosted a marathon Game of Thrones watching party. Participants literally ran for 26.2 miles behind a truck broadcasting episodes from the first six seasons. At the finish line, they were greeted with a private screening of the season 7 premiere. The logic behind this marathon was that 62% of Millennials believe all brands need to provide some sort of wellness component as part of their offerings.

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Dasani strikes a winning combination with college students

Thanks to recent research showing that college students have a water bottle and smartphone on them at all times, Dasani has introduced the PureFill Water Machine concept at Georgia Tech. It gives free filtered water fills but charges for added flavors and carbonation. The PureFill pairs with an app which helps students locate the closest machine, unlock it and make any needed payments. Future iterations may include protein and vitamin options to further help students personalize their drink of choice.

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