Nordstrom Local means more curation and manicures

Nordstrom is in the process of rolling out Nordstrom Local, a series of 3,000 square foot stores with eight dressing rooms and no inventory. Personal stylists will curate clothing options for shoppers to try on, with same day delivery for those who purchase before 2:00PM. These stores will also have bars where shoppers can order wine and juice drinks; while on-site tailoring and manicures will be available. The stores will also serve as pick-up locations for online orders with most inventory sourced from nearby flagship stores.
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Startup brings dynamic pricing based on freshness

Wasteless is a new start-up with plans to help alleviate food spoilage at grocery stores. Using technology that includes an organized band of RFID chips, digital shelf labeling and 43 pricing variables, Wasteless can help sell fresh products closer to expiration while also managing at-shelf inventory. Digital pricing will allow for products set to expire to be significantly marked down, while fresher versions of the same product can feature standard pricing. The goal is to help consumers get better deals on products they plan to immeaditatly consume and help retailers from throwing out large portions of fresh inventory.
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One KFC in China gets face-scanning payment method

In China, Alipay is testing “Smile to Pay” technology at a select KFC location, allowing facial recognition to be used as a payment method. Customers will approach a screen with a virtual menu, choose the items they want and request “facial scan” as their payment option. Alipay says the KFC restaurant is the first physical store in the world to use facial recognition software to take payments. With over half a billion users worldwide, Alipay may change the way retail accepts payment.
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