Designing a powerful new ecosystem
tuned for business impact.

The Challenge

Direct Auto’s site visitors fell into two groups: prospects (people looking for a quote) and customers (people trying to access account details). Unfortunately, their landing page was a field of confusing buttons and calls-to-action, spoiling an untold number of potential leads. They needed a more intuitive UX that would give site visitors clearer paths to the tools and content they’d need.

The Idea

Buying auto insurance online is a journey in and of itself. If we were to help Direct Auto reach their goals, we’d need to deconstruct the entire experience into clear steps: from account login to email marketing to policy activation. If we could build a better experience along each step of the path, we knew improved conversion would soon follow.

The Results

A simpler, more intuitive UX was a clear win, but we didn’t stop there. All things digital for Direct Auto were completely revamped, maximizing impact across the complete ecosystem. The result was a 30% year-over-year sales lift. It didn’t happen with a clever birthday email—it happened by engineering a better experience that gave Direct Auto the digital horsepower they needed.