For those who love organic fruits and vegetables, the easiest next step is organic milk.

The Challenge

Millennial shoppers are buying more organic foods than ever before—especially produce. But while they love the fresh, local and healthier benefits that come with eating organic, they may not know the same benefits apply to drinking it. Our challenge was to find opportunities in the store and creatively transform them into a gateway to purchase Organic Valley milk.

The Idea

Eating and drinking better doesn’t have to be difficult. We set out to educate shoppers about the benefits and possibilities of going organic more often and, in turn, help shoppers find more organic to love—the tastiest and most nutritious milk in the store. Our idea was to create a strategic link between Organic Valley milk and fresh organic produce at key retailers.

The Results

Because Organic Valley is all about keeping things honest and simple, we wanted to bring clean and easy recipe ideas to the shopper—made with Organic Valley milk and the organic produce they already know and love. Through influencer outreach, point-of-sale communication and retailer media, we helped spread these recipes, drive brand awareness and get shoppers to try Organic Valley milk.