The hummus race was done. Or so people thought. We cooked up a campaign that got a new contender in the mix.

The Challenge

It’s lonely when you’re not at the top. Tribe Hummus, a delicious but distant second in market share, wanted to grow its base of loyal fans. Shoptology was tasked with developing a complete campaign that would define the brand’s personality and activate shoppers to break out of their typical hummus-buying routine and take a chance on an unknown.

The Idea

Hummus lovers put hummus on everything because hummus makes everything better. So we decided to trigger trial by nudging people to taste the culinary potential inside Tribe Hummus. By choosing Tribe, they would find a brand that really got them—a line of uniquely flavorful hummus that could elevate those moments when hummus was simply the only snack that would do.

The Results

The result was Tribe Something New, a fully integrated in-store and digital campaign. It included a redesign of Tribe’s website, plus back-to-school and holiday campaigns at major retailers. We also saw a 50% increase of Tribe Hummus sales in stores with in-store sampling events—proving no category’s landscape is set in stone if you Tribe Something New.