Using modern tech to drive motor oil upgrades at the shelf.

The Challenge

Shell Rotella wanted diesel truck drivers to trade up to its premium synthetic products. Unfortunately, diesel owners tend to be self-professed experts, often unwilling to change what’s working, even if there might be better options available. Many currently use conventional oil despite synthetic oil actually offering them more benefits. We needed to find a way to educate those shoppers and drive conversion despite clean-store policies at retailers offering limited point-of-sale material at the shelf.

The Idea

If we couldn’t educate shoppers with signage, we needed to bring a real-life oil expert to the aisles of every store, and our breakthrough came in the form of augmented reality. Shoppers simply scanned a QR code and saw a compelling product story delivered by a professional engine builder right in their hand. An interactive game helped to debunk common engine oil myths and encourage trade-up to higher-grade synthetic oil.

The Results

We asked shoppers, “Are You an Oil Expert?” by quizzing them on their motor knowledge. Our shelf signage remained brand-agnostic because credibility with shoppers was paramount to changing their minds. The AR experience ended with an engine oil recommendation and coupon for trial which helped drive an immediate 25% sales increase. This augmented reality education platform has created a model that’s being reproduced for other brands in the Shell family.