We engaged Troll-loving moms to win
a new generation of TruMoo flavored milk fans.

The Challenge

When DreamWorks releases a major feature, the wave of excitement is almost inevitable. For marketers, the trick is catching it. Dean Foods shrewdly struck up a partnership between its TruMoo flavored milk and the studio’s star-studded Trolls. Shoptology role: build shopper excitement ahead of the premiere while creating a lasting connection with the shopper and her kids.

The Idea

Most moms remember the wide smiles and bright, up-combed hair of Troll Dolls from childhood. We decided to focus our campaign around tapping into that nostalgia. It was a partnership that made perfect sense: Trolls, like TruMoo, was something the whole family could enjoy. We just needed to make buying TruMoo as fun as drinking it.

The Results

Our Trollicious TruMoo campaign featured store-specific executions at Walmart and Target, with shareable content, on-package surprises and movie ticket promotions. The final tally? Double-digit sales increases at both retailers. Clearly our campaign struck the right chord with Trolls fans young and old as Trolls and TruMoo each went on to make a big splash.