Enlightening shoppers about choosing the iced coffee with real ingredients through gamification. And challenging competitors’ ingredients in the process.

The Challenge

The secret’s out. People love drinking their favorite caffeine-laden beverage cold instead of hot. Because of this, the ready-to-drink iced coffee cooler has become increasingly crowded with new brands, flavors and brewing techniques. So how do we get someone who already has their go-to favorite to consider Caribou Iced Coffee – the brand with real coffee and real ingredients inside every bottle?

The Idea

In a world of fake, Caribou Iced Coffee is a bottle full of real. Real ingredients, real flavors, real enjoyment. But can people even tell the difference between what’s real and what’s not? We decided to challenge shoppers with a gameshow that rewarded them for choosing real things with Caribou, the ready-to-drink iced coffee that’s all about the real.

The Results

We created the Caribou Iced Coffee Real or Not Real Challenge – folks could play the game in our online hub and score free samples of Caribou Iced Coffee by simply sharing their results on social. We then took the Real or Not Real Challenge on the road to see who could tell real from not real and hand out free samples of delicious Caribou Iced Coffee. This year, we hit some of Chicago’s biggest summer events with great turnout – Randolph Street Market Festival, Evanston Art & Big Fork Festival and the Chicago Jazz Festival. Next year, the world.