Retail is evolving at a breakneck pace. We’re helping Walmart stay ahead of the curve.

The Challenge

Today’s shopper is in complete control. And she’s looking for more seamless, efficient and engaging retail experiences. She’s no longer delighted by great service, products and prices; she expects them. And as she grows more digitally savvy, she demands that her in-store experience keep up.

The Idea

We needed to put tech and digital at the center of each phase of the Walmart shopper’s journey—from search to discover to transact. But we needed to augment that journey, not interrupt it. We needed to bring value not just to the shopper, but to the Walmart associate as well. We needed to envision the future of shopping–and then build it.

The Results

We launched a number of initiatives that helped digitize Walmart customers’ in-store experiences. From a touch-screen, tire-search kiosk to a fun-for-all-ages Toy Explorer. From a sensor-driven SmartLife Hub to a fast, efficient transaction process known as Walmart Pay. Our work is redefining how customers shop inside Walmart by creating a more engaging overall experience.