Helping 7-Eleven develop an in-store communication architecture.

The Challenge

With dozens of categories and brands in a small convenience-store footprint, 7-Eleven’s 13,000 locations had an overwhelming amount of point-of-purchase and on-site marketing. They needed to develop a shopper-based communication architecture to deliver the right message in the right place on a shopper’s purchase journey.

The Idea

Through customer research, journey mapping, eye tracking, and shop-along studies, as well as stakeholder collaboration, we were able to identify the essential elements in the customer journey that could allow fewer things to do bigger jobs. Rather than overwhelm customers with too much messaging, we needed to use high-impact design to communicate more simply to customers.

The Results

We found our Bold Balance by bringing together branding, wayfinding, and desire with offers, instructions, and promotions. Our new photography and signage package helped us elevate 7-Eleven’s food credentials to drive trip and basket growth through promotion of fresh food. Then we took our learnings and developed an easy-to-understand playbook and used customer data to optimize it for a national rollout.