Helping Walmart revolutionize the cost, convenience and customer-centricity of routine healthcare.

The Challenge

Walmart wanted to break into a new business segment—healthcare. The retailer needed a partner who could strategically analyze massive amounts of data and insights to create a focus for the numerous teams building this healthcare vision. To get the first store up and running to pilot, we were asked to architect the experience and map the full journey of engaging customers to trust the world’s largest retailer for their healthcare needs.

The Idea

Walmart’s breakthrough healthcare destination seamlessly curates medical, dental, vision and other primary health services all under one roof. This would be a new experience, new service and completely new way for Walmart customers to engage with healthcare at their preferred retailer. We quickly jumped in to create customer journey maps, value propositions, a content strategy and an in-store communication architecture to bring this healthcare offering to life.

The Results

In October 2019, Walmart made its revolutionary entry into healthcare by launching Walmart Health in Dallas, Georgia. Patient visits and net promoter scores are all exceeding expectations. And affordable, convenient, quality healthcare is now accessible for communities lacking those services.