Charming the masses with the realest coffee around.

The Challenge

Folks familiar with Minneapolis-based Caribou Coffee knew about their indulgent blended drinks and ingredient transparency. So, for the launch of Caribou’s first bottled iced coffee drink, Dean Foods tapped Shoptology to introduce the product to an audience outside the Midwest–shoppers largely unacquainted with the brand who already had a go-to favorite in the category.

The Idea

Caribou Iced Coffee is a real, delicious treat (emphasis on real) that’s made with real milk, real chocolate, real caramel. We chose to use this wholesomeness as a simple way to improve her afternoon pick-me-up. If she saw Caribou Iced Coffee as a delicious recharge that was made only of the things she loves, we knew the brand could win.

The Solution

Recharge with a Real Treat became our call-to-action—a message honed for the instant when the shopper reaches for her drink in the RTD coffee aisle. We designed retailer-specific programs like an Archer Farms snack tie-in at the Caribou Iced Coffee cooler at Target. It was all about creating an introduction to real flavors and rich ingredients. And in no time at all, she fell in love.