It’s a busy world, and breakfast is changing.
After this retail reinvention, oatmeal may never be the same.

The Challenge

With the modern American breakfast is up for grabs, Quaker Oats was facing an imposing roster of competitors. From tried-and-true choices like cereal and toaster pastries to category-stretching snacks like granola and nut bars, “the most important meal of the day” had become more ambiguous than ever. Quaker Oats needed to find relevance, instantly.

The Idea

To maintain staple status, Quaker Oats needed to introduce a fresh take on breakfast. They needed to go past convenience and tap into the shopper’s creativity and craving for hearty, authentic meals. So we decided to rebuild the oatmeal shelf with tasty add-ins and restaurant-style recipes—fresh, healthful meal and snack ideas built around Quaker Oats.

The Results

Our DIY Oats retail solution was powered by a resonant message: It’s easy to build an inspired breakfast. Quaker’s reimagined shelf presence helped shoppers craft delicious meals and snacks without losing time navigating the aisles. By creating a moment of spontaneity, Quaker provided a more rewarding shopping experience and became a winning pick for breakfast.