To make one-stop shopping do more for our client, we changed the idea of what a quick trip could be.

The Challenge

The milk run, a trademark facet of American shopping. Dollar General wasn’t winning these important trips with millennial moms, who represent a crucial (and disproportionally large) source of their business. She wasn’t associating Dollar General with fresh, quality staples—like milk. Which meant Dollar General was missing out on its share of the milk run.

The Idea

Working with Dean Foods, we needed to develop a disruptive campaign for Dollar General that reframed the milk run as something bigger than a one-item trip. If we could pair name-brand products with DairyPure and TruMoo, we knew we could reframe Dollar General as a destination not just for milk, but for all her go-to essentials.

The Results

Our Milk & More campaign helped shoppers to cross off more items from their list at Dollar General. Through geo- and daypart-digital targeting, we captured shoppers in prime milk-run moments, creating significant lifts in engagement and beating prelaunch benchmarks. We also expanded Dollar General’s appeal with a vital and growing shopper base: millennial moms.