Toys-to-life games are typically geared toward younger audiences. We showed players and parents that Starlink was a real storyline space adventure for all ages.

The Challenge

Ubisoft’s new franchise, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, is an immersive TTL game in which you assemble a custom starship model mounted to your game controller to launch into an interplanetary adventure. While Starlink will launch as a kids’ most-wished-for gift, how do we show Mom that — with detachable parts and pieces — this is more than just a video game?

The Idea

Starlink is more than a toy or game; it’s an adventure—an immersive experience, fueled by creativity and decision-making. It’s a chance for young gamers to explore and play the way they want—to create a universe all their own. Every move matters. Every choice matters. And the satisfaction isn’t just in the victory, but in knowing the decisions you’ve made have actually saved Atlas. Our idea was to show kids and parents that Starlink puts the fate of Atlas in their hands.

The Results

Through this new product launch, we set out to educate shoppers and create awareness of Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Our solution was merchandising that shifted the next starship, pilot or weapon pack to the front, along with action-packed communications that helped shoppers learn more about the open-world interplanetary adventure—and quite literally step into Starlink.