Hertz Gets Innovative for Children

If you’ve ever wondered how to keep your kids occupied on long car trips, Hertz might have the answer. They’ve recently introduced a prototype car that they call “a moving canvas,” available for rental in London. The entire interior of the car is made of specially developed upholstery that is designed to be colored in. There are lots of fun shapes like flowers, animals, cars, buildings, etc. that can be colored in on one trip and wiped clean before the next rental.

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Snickers Hungerithm Tracks Outrage Online

In Australia, Snickers built the “Hungerithm,” a custom algorithm to measure social media users’ irritability. The Hungerithm is able to analyze 14,000 posts a day from Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The grouchier Australians get online, the lower the price of a Snickers bar becomes in local 7-Eleven stores.

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Bedtime Stories Get Interactive Wallpaper

Castorama, a French home improvement retailer, has introduced an interactive children’s wallpaper that unlocks bedtime stories when scanned with a corresponding app. The wallpaper features 10 printed characters that each unlock a five-minute story, or multiple characters can be combined to create a new story. The app features two reading modes: a story mode with audio or a text version with sound effects.

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