Burger King in Brussels Commissions the Whopper Bus

The Belgians like their Burger King, so there was some concern when the brand recently opened a new restaurant in Brussels that was a little off the beaten path. To help get more customers in the door, Burger King partnered with a local bus company to create the Whopper Bus. During the grand opening week, the free bus ran nearly 12 hours per day picking people up all over the city and depositing them directly at Burger King’s front doors, helping loyal followers to not only get their fix but to realize the restaurant wasn’t as far away as they might have thought.
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Fly to Finland on Your Way to Somewhere Else

To help drive tourism, Visit Finland partnered with national airline Finnair to create a stopover program for flights originating in the U.S. and bound for Asia. The program creates itineraries from as short as 5 hours to several days to get passengers out of the airport and exploring Helsinki and beyond. Airline ticket prices are the same as if travelers had never left the airport. The program is working; overnight stays have increased more than 20% since last year.
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Disney Brings Screens In-Store, Showing Off Disneyland

While Disney’s parks continue to thrive, the same can’t be said for their mall-based chain of Disney stores. To reverse the declining visitor trend, the brand is remodeling stores and bringing a touch of one of the most popular park attractions in-store. Redesigned stores feature a giant TV screen that streams live daily footage of Disneyland’s Main Street Parade. To go with the parade, the stores will soon offer the same Mickey Mouse ears and cotton candy that parade goers have access to. Another popular park feature is character meals, so stores will start to offer birthday party rooms where Donald Duck will make an appearance. While only a handful of stores currently have the streaming video screens operational, they are reporting midweek crowds as big as 50 people coming to watch the parade.
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