JetBlue fans Get Packing!

During the holiday season, discount airline JetBlue branched out into the board game business with a $20 limited-edition game called Get Packing! The game is played like many board games with players rolling dice and progressing around a board as they pick up travel items; the first to fill their suitcase wins. Only 200 of the games were produced. Sales were limited to one per person, and when made available on Amazon, they sold out in seconds, as each game also contained one travel voucher good for anywhere JetBlue flies.
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Echo Look connects users to live fashion advice.

The Echo Look from Amazon has a built-in camera and smart algorithm to help indecisive fashionistas figure out what to wear. Now owners can solicit advice from other users by posting two side-by-side outfit pictures on Amazon’s Spark social media network and asking viewers to vote on which look is best. The voting mechanism is designed as an immediate, straightforward way to receive feedback without having to read comments. Pictures can be posted with questions such as “Which outfit should I wear on a first date?” or “Which would be best for a job interview?”
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Eko Studio viewers take the wheel in new interactive sitcom.

Interactive storytelling platform Eko recently developed a new video platform that relies heavily on viewer participation. Its first release, That Moment When, is a series of 5-minute situational comedy videos that require viewers to help the lead character navigate multiple embarrassing events. Each video has the interactivity baked into the video in a way that feels natural versus a gratuitous add-on, while requiring the viewer to choose from provided options to move the story forward, similar to choose-your-own-adventure (CYOA) books that were popular with Millennials when they were growing up.
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