Winning Ad Age's Best Places to Work makes us kind of blush and dig our toe into the sand a little, but when we stop being so adorably humble about this accolade and really think about it, we know it didn't happen by accident.

It happened because of our people.

Yep, creating an award-winning workplace happens because everyone who works in said workplace made it happen by co-creating an amazing culture. Sure, it doesn't hurt to have ping-pong tables and beer on tap, but our culture is more than our ESOP program and excellent health coverage. It's more than unlimited time off and great snacks. (Though, let's be honest, an endless supply of gummy bears and goldfish do come in handy when you're creating the future of shopper marketing.)

Our culture lives in the hearts of our people, and it flows between our team day in and day out as they work shoulder to shoulder. Because of this, Shoptology – this place that Tech Geeks, Creative Rebels, and Retail Radicals call home – is born from what happens in the spaces in between the work. Our culture springs from a teammate gladly completing a deck for us because we have suddenly been pulled away by a family emergency. It emerges from our CEO emptying the dishwasher after beating us at a game of ping-pong. It's about building extreme Bloody Marys with olives, celery, bacon, and tiny cheeseburgers for our annual Groundhog's Day brunch. ("Bloody Murrays!" get it?) It's about a millennial art director kindly showing a Gen-X account guy how to use Slack. It's not just about being work friends. It's about being real friends—teammates in the truest sense of the word. It's about bringing your best self to work and helping everyone you work with do the same.

At Shoptology, we all rise together. Our team rallies across disciplines to get to great work. Everyone’s involved. Everyone’s an owner. After all, when you are wrangling the ever-changing world of retail, it’s the only way to win.

For Shoptologists, that's what the Best Place to Work looks like. And we are committed to keeping it that way. So if you see an opening on our job site that fits your particular level of genius, why don't you jump in and join us? The water and the IPA on tap are great.