7-Eleven rolls out cold brew cans with self-chilling technology

In Los Angeles, 7-Eleven is testing a new cold-brew coffee that comes in a self-chilling can. The product is stored and purchased at room temperature. Before consuming, the user activates the self-chilling technology and waits 90 seconds for the can to chill the product. This new technology is seen as another level of convenience for shoppers who want to purchase a chilled beverage now but consume it later—ensuring that their drink is always cold when they’re ready for it.
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Amazon scanning bodies to develop virtual try-on technology

By the end of 2018, Amazon will be the leading U.S. apparel retailer. Given the online nature of their business, Amazon is developing a way for shoppers to virtually try on clothes that fit their specific body shape and type. Amazon’s new 3D body-scanning unit has set up a 20-week test in New York City; selected applicants will have their bodies scanned every two weeks during the test period. These 30-minute scans are designed to capture how different body types change shape over time and to help create virtual yet realistic dressing-room models that may reduce the number of returns caused by wrong-fitting orders.
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Zume Pizza uses robots to bring you freshly baked pizza

San Francisco-based Zume Pizza is looking to disrupt the traditional pizza delivery model by using high-efficiency truck-based robots to prepare, cook and deliver pizzas ordered through a connected app. The truck is the physical store front and can cut delivery time down to as little as five minutes from order time. Currently the fleet consists of six trucks that can prepare up to 120 pizzas per hour.
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