Wearing Your Cereal

Young shoppers enjoy creating communities around their favorite things, and that mindset has expanded to include brands, with 40% of 13- to 35-years-olds reporting that brand logos are back in style. With that in mind, Froot Loops has launched a limited-edition, crowdsource-designed fashion line consisting of apparel, sneakers and accessories. This desire to create fandom communities opens up a new avenue for engaging with and marketing to millennials and Gen We.
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Shopping While Driving

Over half (54%) of the U.S. population relies on a car to get to work, and the average driver typically spends 15 to 30 minutes driving each way. During these commutes, drivers spend $212 billion ($60 billion on gasoline). Three-quarters of drivers say they would spend “more if the ability to shop and pay were integrated into their car,” and that number jumps to 82% among millennials who commute long distances. Automakers are working to catch up to demand, with 76% of new vehicles expected to be connected by 2024. This gives a whole new meaning to “mobile commerce.”
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Finding the Road Less Traveled

Most brands want as many eyeballs as possible on whatever their chosen advertising medium is. Pacifico beer recently took a different route, purposefully placing their outdoor boards in rarely seen areas. One of the boards is at Pelican State Beach, known as “the loneliest beach in California.” Another is on the way to the Adirondacks in New York. The boards are part of a campaign that centers around hanging out at natural locales. Pacifico says, “We understand that adventure seekers don’t want to be bombarded with ads while enjoying the great outdoors, which is why we strategically placed them [only] on the route to these destinations.”
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